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Bowen Technique

Practitioner: Jim Jamieson
60.00 euros per session

First appointment is usually one and a half hour with subsequent appointments being one hour long.

Please email here or telephone for further details or an appointment  
06 02 30 53 71

What is the Bowen Technique?

Bowen Technique (also known as Bowtech - the Original Bowen Technique and Bowenwork) is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong/Melbourne, Australia. Sometimes called the “homeopathy of bodywork,” it utilizes subtle inputs to the body (known as “moves”), stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly.

Bowen Technique offers tremendous benefit to clients. It can provide relief for many types of injuries and other health problems, both acute and chronic, and it does so holistically, via the body’s innate healing mechanisms. The practitioner’s moves deliver signals to the nervous system at specific locations (on muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves), and the body responds in its own time, within its vital capacity. While there are a few, very specific situations in which a particular 'procedure' is contraindicated, Bowen Technique is appropriate for people of all ages, in all degrees of health.

A typical Bowen Technique session generally lasts from 15 to 45 minutes. Clients usually lie on a massage/bodywork table or bed, or may be seated in a chair if required, for comfort. A 'session' involves one or more 'procedures', each of which consists of several sets of 'moves’. The moves are gentle, but purposeful, and can be done through light clothing. Between each set of moves, the practitioner pauses for minutes, as needed, for the client's body to begin responding. As the nervous system begins to adjust the tension level in the muscles, the practitioner senses when the client is ready for the next set of moves. A common approach in a session is to balance the entire body by addressing the lower back, then the upper back, and then the neck. To minimize the need for disturbing the client's rest, all procedures that address the back of the client are completed before turning over for procedures that are done with the client lying on his/her back.

In contrast to other hands-on modalities, where the practitioner imposes correction on the client through manipulation, Bowen Technique facilitates the body in healing itself, with minimal intervention. Because of the subtle nature of Bowen Technique, and the body's continuing response to it over several days thereafter, other forms of manipulative therapy are discouraged for up to five days after a session, as they may interfere with the efficacy of the work.

Siret number:523 875 870 00017. Insured by AXA

Appointments are available at most times, please telephone or email to discuss your needs and /or book an appointment. - 06 02 30 53 71.

I met Jim by chance , a case of ‘right place, right time ‘ .

I have had back problems for a long time which over the years increased in intensity culminating to being agonising , debilitating and making it nearly impossible to deal with . Since moving to France in 2017 the pain had increased the result was I had to get a letter from my GP here who recommended physio therapy . I located a physio locally , had 12 sessions and then a further 12 . It was really not much better . I found a further physio and got a letter from my GP and the day I met Jim I had gone to book the first appointment with the second physio . Afterwards I was talking to a couple I know , they asked how my back was , Jim overheard the conversation and ended up speaking to us , he gave me his card explained a bit about ‘Bowen’s technique ‘ . He told me to think about it , go home research it and if I wanted to see him for an appointment to call him . I went home did as he asked , phoned him and he saw me the same afternoon .

The rest as they say is history.

Jim explained how the Bowen treatment worked he made me feel at ease with him , he’s professional and explains what he is going to do and asks your permission to do movements .He identified a lot of the problems , which were causing the back pain due to several injuries over the years .

In a nutshell ... you have to give yourself up to the Bowen’s movement that are performed , just go with it . I did and I am so much better, I’m able to get around better, not be in so much pain , inside my case the treatment worked and I have never looked back .

I am so , so grateful for meeting Jim that day . I can ring him or message him any time, he has become a friend and acquaintance who I can rely on for treatment and support .

Jane - France 2019

From the moment I walked into that welcoming treatment room nearly three weeks ago I knew I was in good hands. After suffering pain and stiffness in my muscles and joints for most of 2011 I was thrilled to feel almost immediate benefits from my first Bowen therapy session. A second visit gave me even more relief and, instead of postponing my forthcoming trip to New Zealand, I am now looking forward to it with great excitement! So a big thank you to Jim - I will be back for a maintenance visit on my return to France next spring and, hopefully, to sample some of the other therapies available at Grue Demoiselle.

Gail Davies - France

Dear Jim and Catherine.
I would like to thank you both for your wonderful warmth and hospitality during my visits for the bowen treatment. Due to Jims dulcet tones and magical fingers, at 64 I no longer feel like a very slow and immobile arthritic invalid, I have my spring back in my step and my youth returned.

Sue Gibbons - France

Dear Jim,

Well the Bowen has certainly sorted my neck out, I have more movement and it is pain free, so brilliant. Jim, you will be cross with me though cause we were shovelling stones on Friday, sorry had to take advantage of the dry weather to get the chalet finished. But it certainly did the trick for me, the treatment you gave me so looking forward to the next one now.

Tracey Jones - France

" After many years of intermittent back pain and very costly (and even more painful) trips to a Chiropractor in the UK, I moved to France and hoped it would improve. Stupid of me! My early retirement involved more hard work and the pain returned, as did intense muscle stiffness which was not connected to the back trouble or exercise as it got worse when I rested for a few weeks!

I was worried but didn't want to see my GP and be thought of as a 'Whinging Brit!'

I asked around a few friends and found Jim, and a technique I'd never heard of called Bowen Therapy. Thankfully Jim was able to see me without
too much delay and I can't recommend this treatment highly enough. I was transformed from a limping, moaning, aching, generally exhausted
person to someone who could once again weed the garden and drive the tractor! Was this a good idea? Absolutely!

That was after one treatment which, in itself, I found fascinating (having worked in the NHS for 25 years). Pain-free and relaxing, nothing like the
Chiropractor put me through and best of all - a little bit of ' me time ' in a busy life.

I still need a couple of follow up treatments but I can't wait.

Thank you Jim (and Catherine - and of course the gorgeous Moriarty)

Chris Beet - France

Tel:  06 02 30 53 71
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