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This page is designed to help people who have had a Bowen treatment. It is also to help people get an idea of what to expect if you have not received a treatment yet.

We are always available to help and answer your questions.


A Bowen treatment usually lasts up to 45 minutes, including pauses for your body to adjust.

The Bowen move is a gentle rolling move over either the origin, insertion or belly of the muscle. It appears both to stimulate and stretch the muscle, energising the nerves in the area, and toning the lymphatic circulation.

Plenty of Pauses in Treatment

After every few Bowen moves there is a pause and you are left to rest. The importance of this short period of time - up to several minutes - is that it enables your body to adjust and re-align itself. You may think nothing is happening, but this is the time when change takes place. Without this rest between moves, the Bowen technique is less effective.

If you go to sleep during or between moves, this can be very beneficial!

Many people notice an improvement in pain immediately after the treatment especially if the pain started recently. For chronic pain, the condition may seem just the same for a day or so after treatment, sometimes slightly worse, before then improving.

At the end of the treatment, don't get up until the Bowen practitioner is with you. As you get to your feet, make sure that you put weight on both your feet equally. Then stand still a few moments to get your balance, before getting dressed.

After dressing, drink a glass of filtered water. Water is really important in helping your body make good repairs.

What next on the day of your treatment?

First, arrange at least two more treatments, at weekly (or thereabouts) intervals. Bowen works best if you have three or more sessions close together, each about one week apart.

After treatment, go for a walk, and don't sit down for longer than 30 minutes at a time for the rest of the day. In between periods of sitting, walk around for several minutes. This helps your body readjust and re-align itself.

Continue to drink water regularly, preferably at hourly intervals for the rest of the day.

Avoid heavy exertion, too much brisk exercise or heavy lifting on the day of treatment. Don't subject your body to saunas, hot baths or showers and, unless in great pain, don't use heat or cold packs.

In the evening, eat an early meal- don't eat too much! - and go to bed before 22:00. Put the light out as soon as you feel sleepy. Bowen helps most people sleep better and the first treatment often makes people quite tired.

Avoid caffeine, coffee, alcohol, a power shower, too hot or too cold baths for a few days. Ensure you regularly do the exercises that you are given. Remember, Bowen goes on working for several weeks and you may feel changes occurring throughout this time.

Try to prevent re-injury. So check your position while sitting or when carrying, lifting, gardening, golf, etc.
. Avoid crossing your legs when sitting. If you feel sore or you ache for the next few days after your Bowen treatment, drink more water - it's usually a good sign.
. If you have had Bowen treatment done on your jaw, try not to yawn or bite on hard foods for about a week.
. After your initial course of Bowen treatments, it is advisable to have a top-up session every 6-8 weeks.

If you have any concerns or require advice:
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