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Bach Flower Essences

Practitioner: Catherine Jamieson

12 - 30.00 euros

Bach flower remedies are an enigma, many people swear by them and they are particularly effective in our animal friends which helps give us evidence that it is not just all in the mind.  I am as open minded and as cynical as the next person and after seeing the reults after giving these essences to my pets I have become convinced of their worth.  I have now been selecting and using Bach Flower Essences for the past five years and now make them available to you.  Due to new legislation we are no longer allowed to call them 'Remedies' and must use the term 'Essence' instead but they are the Bach Flower Remedies which have become well known all over the western world.

An introduction to the Bach Flower Essence.
by Andrew Tresidder

The healing power of nature has been known almost since time began. Flowers and plants uplift us. Scents give pleasure, colours and forms entrance us, and the whole splendour of nature nurtures us. On a more physi­cal level, plants give us food and medi­cines.

But it is the invisible level, the level of vibrations, that is really fascinating. Science is starting to get interested in what we all know is true – the healing power of flowers. In the 16th Century Paracelsus described the healing power of dew from flowers. Everything in the world is composed of vibrations, nature (and music) use these vibrations to pro­vide harmonious patterns.

Masuru Emoto, in Japan, has done some fascinating work on the snowflake-like Patterns In Water, that can be left by the purity of the water (not surpris­ing), the effect of music on water (really curious), and the patterns that words and flowers can leave in water (mind blowing) – see for more information. What is more, everything in the world is connected at a vibrational level, as modern physics and relativity theory tell us.

We all know instinctively which flowers and plants we like to look at. We are now discovering that just seeing them and touching them can help us feel differently. Even more interesting, mak­ing a flower essence, and taking it, can help support our feelings. Nature can help support us to reflect on our expe­riences, moving us on from stuck frames of mind and uplift us. Nature helps us feel better!

The Twelve Healers
Bach felt these were for our primary soul types, the sort of person we are. He equated these with the soul lessons we have come to learn, such as inner peace (Agrimony), strength and ability to say no (Centaury) and wisdom (Cerato). We can see these types more easily in child­ren – as adults we have accumulated other layers of imbalances – but when we are under pressure our soul type may betray itself.

The others of the Twelve are:

   Chicory – to dissolve self-pity and “me, me, me” into generosity of giving;
   Clematis – to bring dreamers down to earth;
   Gentian – to resolve discouragement and despondency into the positive quality of faith;
   Impatiens – to release the quick tense mind into gentleness;
   Mimulus – from fear of known things into bravery;
   Rock Rose – to transform terror and dread into courage;
   Scleranthus – to bring balance and determination from indecision;
   Vervain – to release over-enthusiasm into quiet and tolerance; and
   Water Violet – to change a proud aloof or quietly grieving person into the joy of service and taking part in life.

The Seven Helpers
Julian Barnard describes these as Support Remedies, for long-term conditions:

   Gorse – hopelessness;
   Heather – fussy introspection;
   Rock Water – rigidity of attitude;
   Wild Oat – lack of direction in life;
   Olive – weariness and exhaustion;
   Oak – for the strong person who never gives up; and
   Vine – for a domineering forceful atti­tude, to bring the quality of calm wise leadership.

The Second Nineteen
These (which complete the set of 38 Bach Remedies) relate to emotional states that result from life’s knocks and challenges. They include Holly, for jeal­ousy, envy, revenge, suspicion and greed (in full negative), bringing the quality of love, and Pine which brings self-esteem, relieving a feeling of guilt and self-blame.

If you would like a personally selected essence for yourself or for any of your pets then please contact me.  An individualy selected essence is 30 euros and if you bring your bottle and dropper back for an exact same refill it will be just 12 euros.

Please allow 48 hours notice.

Telephone  05 55 60 24 19.


I have recently had 2 reasons to contact Grue Demoiselle, firstly my cat was hit by a car and suffered a shattered pelvis and both sides where pinned. As a result he became very fearful and any unexpected noise would terrify him, he spent most of his time hiding.

Secondly, and maybe partly because of the cat, I was feeling very "up-tight" and not sleeping well.

Catherine recommended treatmants for both of us, my husband knew I was treating the cat, but not myself.

Within 3 days the cat was beginning to behave more normally, and by 2 weeks was out hunting, demanding fuss and attention, and now is fully recovered.

On night 3 of my treatment my husband asked me several times was I OK, and when I got fed-up of the questions, explained that I also was taking the Bach's remedy and as a result was much calmer.

Now I have heard it said that the "placebo effect" will positively affect humans, but, there is no way you can explain that to a cat!!

We have had cause to use this treatment in the UK for our dog after a trauma and that was very succesful too.

I was a driving instuctor for many years and used to recomment these treatments to nervous pupils to enable them to cope with the stress of their tests.

I am very happy and pleased to wholeheartedly recommend Grue Demoiselle potions to anyone with a wide range of "problems", thanks Catherine.

Jenny - Le Dorat, France.

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